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WELCOME TO For Internationalization
  • Following the new trends given by the globalized economy, Alifer acts as a link  between Asia and Europe.

We make sure that the offer of goods and services coming from Asia meet European demand and vice versa

Thanks to our network and partnership in Asia and in Italy, we operate in different fields and we give the chance to our customers to have only one representative that can take care of different aspects of their business activities.

Within our network, we guarantee the following services

  • Outsourcing of finished products, semifinished products, raw materials from Asia and Italy
  • IT Consultancy in Thailand
  • Legal assistance throughout  the internationalization processes in Italy and in Asia
  • Customized services for opening subsidiaries, converting plants, start up in South East Asia and Italy
  • Interior Design and architectural consultancy from Italy and Hong Kong
  • Lighting design consultancy from Hong Kong
  • Franchising and Internationalization of brands

Our customers willing to develop their brands in Europe and in Asia can rely on a team of experts able to follow them step by step.

. Definition of the strategy

. Legal assistance

. Finding  potential investors

. Definition of the agreement

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