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International advisory

We strategically integrates European style businesses into supply chain networks in Asia and Europe. Our expertise and network of partnerships offer the chance to cover a wide range of countries and to reduce time and costs of business development activities.

•    International Business Development

    - Export/Import managers in Asia and across the globe
    - Sales representation/representatives in Asia and in overseas regions
    - Works with the support of Alifer’s customer services and back office teams
    - Directly collaborates with HQ or with the eventual subsidiaries
    - Oversees strategic supply chain structuring and management processes
    - Sales channel management (Single and multiple channels)

•    Internationalization

directly or via our network we are able to provide :

-    Market integration and penetration
-    A range of new businesses opportunities
-    Development of new business partnerships within Asia, from Europe to Asia and Vice versa
-    Customized services for opening subsidiaries, converting plants, rep offices
-    Participation in the management and development of new born entities
-    FDI – Foreign Direct Investments


•    Design

Far reaching regional networks in

  • Architectural Firms
  • Design Firms
  • Hotel operators, tourism and hospitality
  • Developers, Contractors. Magazines, Dealers and distributors.

    -    Partnership with an Italian directed architectural and design firm in HK holding deep knowledge of the dynamics of the design industry in the region.
    -    Clients truly benefit from diversity in the field of Italian design and architecture through Alifer’s networked operations in Asia and Europe.
    -    Precision services range from the supply of material, planning and design through to the final completion of the projects.


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